Web Apps
The Bikeshare Trip Timer
Interactive News
"Maps: Live Election Results in Ward 4 and Ward 8"
"24 Hours of Eating" (ticking clock navigation)
"D.C.'s Divides Persist: The Mayoral Election in Graphs"
"Interactive: Who Funded FreshPAC?"
"Chart: The New D.C. Council"
"A Year of Crashes"
"Quiz: Are These Menu Items Real or Fake? "
"Train in Vain"
"The Vince Gray Investigation Clock"
"Create Your Own Steakhouse Press Release With This Handy Template"
"Map: Where Pedestrians and Cyclists Have Been Struck in D.C. This Year"
Reporting & Writing
"Benefits of the Doubt"
"People Issue" interview of Matt Bailey
"Ex-Reporter Elissa Silverman Heads to the D.C. Council"
"Rooting for the Nationals Has Nothing to Do With National Politics"
"Nationals Magic Number" series